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Mosaic Artist
Janet Gray

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Based in Nannup, Western Australia, I have been involved with teaching mosaics in Community workshops and Children’s holiday programs since 2014.
My style has gone from ceramics, mosaic tiles, glass, and currently working mainly with crockery and tiles to create pot faces, flowers and other pieces.
I love blending varied materials and colours to create whimsical characters on pots.
Mosaics have been my art media for twenty years. Argentinian mosaic artist Solange Piffer has influenced me and I have incorporated her use of figures and flora in my work; however, I am also influenced by my Australian surrounds and am enthusiastic about using repurposed and recycled objects.
Gustave Klimt is a creative influence, in the use of colour and patterning. Often, a found object can inspire me to recreate it’s use, the object often dictates what the mosaic will become. My work is spontaneous and evolves as I find more objects the subject takes on its own whimsical character.
As a regional Nannup artist, I have entered, won awards, and sold at various art exhibitions. I like to work in isolation in my own studio and I have worked with children and Youth for the Nannup Shire on numerous occasions, in a variety of creative projects.

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